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What does M-ARC training and coaching bureau do?

We train people differently
  • we work with actors
  • we portray lifelike working situations
  • we teach the skills required where they are needed in the workplace
  • we teach the tricks of the trade
  • we produce training films tailored to the target audience (M-ARC has produced 36 training films to date – and counting!)
  • we integrate bits from our 'Train your people well' weblog into the programme for individual coaching
We grow skills

Employees in organisations function better when they have learnt the right way to do things. Yet these skills are different in every organisation. Which is why M-ARC has no ready-made courses it can simply take off the shelf. So:

  • you get a course that is specifically geared to the needs of your organisation
  • your people are training inventively: actors, films, workplace learning, etc.
  • each course is clearly focused on a specific skill
Subjects: performance assessments, negotiating, avoiding aggression, communication and assertiveness, giving guidance to front-line managers, strategy discussions, customer focus and telephone skills, interview techniques

We forge teams

M-ARC uses actors and mystery visitors to forge your employees into a tight-knit team and allow them to perform to the best of their ability.

We coach individuals

M-ARC provides managers with individual coaching. Not just a one-day programme, but a crash course that creates space for development. A growth process that takes a positive approach.


Contact us

Are you interested in M-ARC’s ideas about training and coaching? Would you like to investigate how some of the problems in your organisation can be resolved using our methods? Do you want to know whether M-ARC has experience with a specific problem currently facing you?

Vermeulen b.v.b.a.
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Marc Vermeulen
Klaveren 4
2300 Turnhout
+32 (0)474 94 14 78


Visit Good2CU

Good2CU is a 'meeting loft' in a building with an industrial background. M-ARC was tired of traditional meeting rooms, so it created this Magical Meeting Loft for itself and for you.

Curious to see what Good2CU looks like?

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